Reel Audiobooks

~ high-quality audiobook production ~

Reel Audiobooks offers a variety of services to enhance your production. With an exceptional group of professional narrators, engineers, and editors at the ready, we can adeptly handle every aspect of your audiobook production process, from start to completion.

Casting & Narration

We match your audiobook with our vocal talent who will read your work with the attention to detail it deserves. With a dedicated Project Coordinator to match the perfect narrator to your script, we provide you with multiple options to choose from, to ensure that your vision is brought to life.

Editing & QC (Proofing)

During Editing, we adjust the pacing of the read, remove the appropriate amount of breaths, remove clicks and pops, and correct any rough edits that may have occurred during the recording process.

During QC, we proofread the audio, making certain that it is accurate to the script, that the pronunciation and diction are properly executed, and further adjust the pacing to make sure that it reads fluidly. We then deliver a well-organized QC Pack, which will clearly outline the corrections that need to be made.

Mastering & Delivery

In mastering, we bring the audio up to industry-standard level in both volume (loudness) and sonic quality. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we enhance your audio to bring out the best in your voice, lower the noise floor, take care of plosives and sibilance, and ensure the audio will sound good everywhere it is heard. We also ensure uniform spacing throughout the files and divide the book into bodies (chapters) that are appropriate for distribution.